Bike fit

Bike fit

Our fit system has been crafted without the influence from any cycling manufacturer. Unlike many 
bike fit protocols out there formed by brands to assist in the selling process of their products - we 
are able to hand-pick products that best solve a riders discomfort regardless of brand.  
Bike Fitting Services

Our fitter

Jon is hugely passionate about biomechanics and physiology.  He has experience using a wide variety of biomechanical and physiological testing procedures and equipment from his time studying Sport and Exercise Science BSc.  During his studies he focused on researching how the human body interacts with the bike and many of these findings have influenced his fitting philosophies.  After graduating university he went on to study the BIKE FIT, Specialized Body Geometry Fit and Retul bike fitting processes. Jon is proud to be certifed by the International Bike Fitting Institute. 

Bike Fitting Methodology

I work on the basis that humans are not all the same.  My aim is to get you into a position on your bike that is natural and within your personal abilities. 

My process is simple:

  • A pre-fit questionnaire and a chat about your cycling goals. 
  • An in-depth assessment of your bodies functionality. 
  • A evaluation of your current bicycle set-up
  • Adjust your bike and equipment to suit you

We aim to get you as close to what is deemed orthodox for the positional goals we have in mind.    This means that most humans will be efficient and comfortable within a particular range of joint angles.  

It takes expertise, logic and critical thinking to get you within those ranges. Often I work down to millimeters but more often I find people need inches of adjustment! 

Using high-speed high-definition video analysis we can watch how you're interacting with your bike and make alterations to your set-up.  We are observing the quality of the motion and your posture on the bike not the exact angles of each joint.  From a bio-mechanical perspective this means we're visually assessing the velocity and acceleration of the joints and not just the numerical angles. A lot can be noted from the natural compensations your body sub-consciously makes. This eye for detail is something that takes years for a fit professional to develop and something a computer simply cannot detect.

It is often the case that a cyclist has goals beyond there current functionality. I aim to position cyclists within there bodies  physical limits and make suggestions as to how they can evolve and condition their body for a more demanding cycling position. 

Dimensions and Follow-up

The electronic copy of your bike set up dimensions will be provided once we have settled on a 

position that we are happy with. 

Following on from the fit you can then communicate with our fitter via email to provide feedback 

and ask questions regarding your set-up. 

Car parking is available close to the shop, Ashton Way (BS31 2UF) is just behind the shop, alternatively use the Civic centre car park directly in front of the shop (BS31 1LA ).