Chapeau Warm-up Oil

Chapeau Warm-up Oil

£15.00 / unit(s)

When choosing to embark on a ride or race whilst conditions are a touch on the cold side you may well find the application of Chapeau! Cold Weather Warm Up Balm to be of benefit to you. It will quickly provide a feeling of warmth throughout muscles and perhaps more importantly tendons when there is a chill in the air.

Application is simple, decant a small amount in to your hand and rub on to the appropriate areas until fully absorbed.

Please be aware however, that the actual warming affect that is experienced, varies greatly depending on the individual, the amount applied and the ambient temperature when you are applying the balm. For instance if you were to apply it whilst in a warm room the reaction would be much quicker and more extreme as your blood vessels are already closer to the surface of your skin. If applying outside in the cold air then the opposite will be true. In short you should practice with smaller amounts first and get to know what works best for yourself.

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