Colnago C60 PLBK 52S

Colnago C60 PLBK 52S

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The C60 follows the C59 in being a high end, race bike that is just as content to spend all day as a comfortable cruising steed, as it is in the rough and tumble of the peloton. The C59 won many plaudits for it's stiffness, quality of ride and stunning looks. The C60 improves on this making a laterally stiffer, more comfortable and lighter frameset.

Colnago has spent years in development and made numerous changes from the C59. First, the headtube has been redesigned and new for the C60, the inclusion matching shaped lugs, steering away from the traditional Colnago round cross section tubing and instead plumping for a star design, increasing lateral stiffness and improving comfort over rough surfaces. This star design is a first for Colnago and shows they are embracing new design techniques.

The downtube is also new, oversized, increases lateral stiffness and weighs less due to thinner tubing. Star tubing has also been used here improving comfort and reducing road buzz.

Larger tubes continue on the seatstays, flatter and wider than ever before, reducing weight, increasing lateral stiffness and improving handling. The new design also provides a dampening effect, combining stiffness and suspension like qualities for a very comfortable ride.

The desire to provide the rider with the most comfortable ride continues on the chainstays with internally ribbed tubing providing immense lateral stiffness, yet the tapered shape, which seamlessly narrows towards the dropouts, provides a small degree of upwards flexion and dampens road buzz. This increased vertical compliance also improves handling and allows more grip to the rear wheel, especially over rough terrain.

The C60 is all about firsts for Colnago and pioneering design innovations. The seat tube is now using asymmetrical rather than round tubing, making the frame stronger, lighter and more aesthetically pleasing.

Beefier bottom bracket lugs, make for seamless integration of the tubes and the wider bottom bracket housing uses thinner layers of carbon, keeping weight down. This provides the perfect platform for Colnago'€™s new Threadfit 82.5 system. Combining the reliability of a BSA system with the stiffness of a Pressfit.

Threadfit 82.5 is versatile, compatible with all versions of Pressfit 86.5 bottom brackets and is also practical, with two removable and replaceable threaded sleeves, should wear occur.

Colnago has invested numerous time and resources in developing their most advanced rear dropouts yet. CNC forged, increasing strength and reducing weight.

The C60 frameset is a stunning machine and is available in numerous sizes and colour schemes, all with Colnago'€™s famous, high quality paint schemes and stunning graphics.

Compatible with mechanical and electronic groupsets

Here in the sloping geometry to allow for a more favourable stand over height for those that require it. Additionally, this geometry allows more seatpost to be exposed due to the more compact frame size, which save a small amount of weight whilst offering more room for comfort inducing flex of the seatpost. The compact design further boosts the performance stiffness of the frame giving you the ultimate Italian dream machine.


  • Includes: Frame, fork, headset and fitting kit
  • Laterally stiffer, more comfortable and lighter than the C59
  • Redesigned headtube with star shaped lugs
  • New oversized downtube
  • Larger, flatter and wider seatstays
  • Internal ribbing of the chainstays further adds to the lateral stiffness as well as comfort
  • Pioneering asymmetrical seat tube
  • Beefed up bottom bracket for unparalleled performance efficiency
  • Sloping geometry


FRAME: Colnago C60 Italia Dual Routed, Sloping Geometry

FORK: Colnago carbon, 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" steerer

HEADSET: Colnago CHS-1


FITTING KIT: DI2/EPS rubber bungs and carbon installation compound



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