Velotoze Toe covers

Velotoze Toe covers

£10.00 / unit(s)

VeloToze Toe Covers are designed for road cycling on cool, Spring / Autumn days. Whether it’s race day, training day or just another commute day, VeloToze Toe Covers will keep your feet warm, dry & comfortable.  


Water-resistant: designed to cover the toe of your shoe with a water-proof material that keeps fog, mist and road splash off your shoes
Windproof: windproof materials keep your feet warm, even on cool mornings (10C/50F to 18C/65F)
Lightweight: made of a flexible, lightweight material that doesn’t retain water when wet
Aerodynamic: smooth, flexible material creates a form-fitting design
Easy to Remove: as you warm-up on your ride, quickly slip them off
Compact: easily fits in jersey pocket or saddle bag

Unlike full shoe covers it is possible to simply leave them on your shoes rather than having to remove them each time you want to take your shoes on and off - simple!

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