Juice Lubes Frame Polish 400ml

Juice Lubes Frame Polish 400ml

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£10.00 / unit(s)

You know how annoying it is to look at your cleaned and gleaming wet bike and feel all proud of your hard work, only to turn round 5 minutes later when its dried off, to be confronted with the same cack stained bike that was there an hour ago, just minus the clods of mud? Well, be frustrated no more as Juice Lubes buffing marvellous Frame Juice will sort this little problem out in no time.

The Frame Juice formula not only restores your pride and joy to its box fresh shine, it also leaves a non stick surface that mud finds it a lot harder to stick to. This mean that next time round cleaning should be even quicker and easier. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?!


After cleaning your frame with Dirt Juice and rinsing with fresh water, allow frame to dry.


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