Michelin Power All Season road tyre

Michelin Power All Season road tyre

£34.00 / unit(s)

The Michelin Power All Season Tyre is the grippiest tyre in the new Michelin Power range and provides extreme grip in harsh conditions. 
The NEW Michelin All Season tyre with new and improved tread pattern from the PRO 4, this improving levels of grip in the wet increasing this by +15% when compared. The tyre is aimed to provide greater performance and confidence, especially on wet descents.
Tread: New tread Pattern increasing efficiency by 5W
Grip: HI-Grip Design +15% in wet condition
Weight: Approx. 235g (23c)
Aramid protek+ puncture protection

We say -

This is Michelin's answer to the Continental 4 season tyre i.e performance and reliability. If you want a light weight tyre without sacrificing some level of puncture resistance this is the one to go for...


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