Ridley Noah Disc SL Aero+ Project

Ridley Noah Disc SL Aero+ Project

RRP £4,599.00
£4,599.00 / unit(s)

Built to order, built to your colour and spec..pleaee ask for details. Full bikes from £6500, or custom paint bikes from £6700. 

About the Noah range
The Noah is our answer to those with a strong need for speed. Every aspect of this aero road bike is designed with watt-to-km/h transfer in mind. We integrate our FAST-technology throughout the frame and fork to create a machine that expertly cuts through wind in both tunnel testing and on the road. So go out, get aero and hammer on it! Nail those Strava sections as you hit your favourite rollers or fly alongside the canal. You’ll return home with that nice high average speed as the bike is made to easily get you up to speed and hold you there. 

Compatible with both mechanical and electronic shifting. 



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