Widget Silicone Premium Bar Tape

Widget Silicone Premium Bar Tape

£30.00 / unit(s)

Widget Premium Silicone Wrap is Widget's top of the range textured performance handlebar tape. It is a highly elastic tape which allows the density to be changed for a custom cushioning fit. Its not one for the weight weenies as the dense silicone has a small weight penalty, but one worth the price if you are after a very grippy, durable lng lasting tape.

This hard wearing tape has superior shock absorption and a low compression memory. This means that once any pressure is removed the tape returns to its original density very rapidly.

Anti-slip in all conditions and very easy to clean, silicone wrap can be re-wrapped easily due to its naturally adhesive qualities.

The screw-in bar end plug has a design etched into black anodized aluminium alloy plus a stainless steel bolt so they will stay corrosion free and give a professional and secure finish.

- 2 x Rolls of Silicone Wrap
- 2 x Widget black etched screw-in bar end plugs
- Finishing tape

We will fit this tape for free if bought in store...

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